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Overview: Framework for Nurse Executive Leadership

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    The Framework for Nurse Executive Leadership is a unique model that is designed to delineate, shape and strengthen the evolving role of the nurse executive leader in Ontario and beyond. In order to facilitate role clarity and optimal role development for nurse executives in Ontario, RNAO, in collaboration with the nurse executives from both hospitals and public health units across Ontario, developed the Nurse Executive Leadership Roles and Responsibilities document during monthly knowledge exchange teleconferences hosted by the RNAO.
    The contents of this document reflect the mandated nurse executive role according to legislation/organizational standards, as well as best practices available in the literature. In addition, in the absence of Canadian literature in this area, much of this document reflects the expert opinion and lived experiences of nurse executives, itself a strong source of evidence.Best practices as well as common “facilitators and barriers” to success in the nurse executive role, are only now becoming better known and documented. It is RNAO’s hope that through this beginning work and related dialogue and discourse, we will begin to identify and scale up the best practices and facilitators of this important role, and begin to link the impact of the nurse executive role on nurse/patient, organizational and societal outcomes. 
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    The following framework is intended to illustrate Chief Nursing Executive (CNE) and Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) roles and responsibilities in the context of membership and participation at the senior management and Board table. This framework assumes that the CNE/CNO is responsible for nursing activities throughout the organization and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer or Medical Officer of Health/Senior Management Team as a senior member of executive-level, decision-making management.
    While it is acknowledged that CNEs and CNOs are involved in significant decisions dealing with the day-to-day operational management of the organization or institution, it is the purpose of this document to emphasize enhancements to governance and leadership functions of the Senior Nurse Executive role afforded by new legislation, specifically the passage of the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010 and the formal designation of the CNO role in Ontario public health units.