Transforming nursing through knowledge


The nurse executive acts as the “chief” nurse in their organization and is mandated to govern, as well as lead and direct practice. To depict this, the “Framework for Nurse Executive Leadership” organizing framework is encircled by three bands of responsibility: Governance, Leadership and Practice
In their governance role, the nurse executive develops and maintains collaborative relationships with nurse executive colleagues within and across organizations; sectors and regions in order to collectively advance quality evidence based and integrated care across all sectors and the nursing governance and leadership agenda. The executive nurse:
  • Works together with their board/senior management team towards common quality improvement goals and promotes inter-organizational, cross-sectoral and regional synergy to optimize client care and services across the continuum of care.
  • Promotes an interdisciplinary approach to the coordination of care and services and collaborates with key stakeholders to complement current healthcare service delivery and assists in the development of new and innovative ways of providing care.
  • Establishes credibility as an expert on nursing and nursing-related matters within the organization. 
In their leadership role, the nurse executive fosters team work and collaboration among the various health professionals within the organization by emphasizing a collective advancement towards a shared vision, mission, values and expected organizational outcomes. 
  • A commitment to and respect for nursing and its values, knowledge, contributions and achievements is evident.
  • Membership is maintained with nursing regulatory and professional associations.
  • Partnerships with schools of nursing, which facilitate appropriate clinical placements and shape curriculum, is enhanced by the nurse executive in order to prepare future nurses to meet the nurse/client, organizational and societal needs of the future.
In their practice role, the nurse executive role models interprofessional relations and champions interprofessional collaboration to achieve optimal client care and service outcomes and effective integration of care.
  • The nurse executive actively participates in creating and establishing tools and processes for communicating and collaborating with and between direct care nurses.