Transforming nursing through knowledge


This toolkit has been developed by and for Nurse Executives to provide key resources and tools that support excellence in their governance and leadership roles; it is directed towards meeting the needs of nurse executives across all sectors- primary care, public health, home care, long-term care and hospital/acute care. 
Aspiring nurse executives, nursing leaders and healthcare managers, hospital administrators, public health administrators, medical officers of health, assistant medical officers of health, inter-professional care providers, government policy makers, healthcare planners, nurse educators and various researchers will also find this toolkit informative and helpful in their roles.  
The “Framework for Nurse Executive Leadership” developed through the RNAO Nurse Executive Governance and Leadership Program, based on best evidence including feedback from executive nurse leaders, has been used as a guide in the toolkit development. As such key modules of the toolkit are organized according to the five executive leadership spheres outlined below. 

Each of the following spheres reflects a key leadership concept in the framework for nurse executives:

  •  Strategic visioning, organizational decision making and practice innovation;
  •  Quality care and client safety;
  •  Collaboration;
  •  Professional accountability and
  •  Professional development.