Transforming nursing through knowledge

Overview: CNE/CNO Governance and Leadership Program

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    RNAO launched several initiatives aimed at supporting and advancing the expanded roles of Nurse Executives in hospitals and public health settings. These include:
    1) Establishing and leading a CNE/CNO Governance and Leadership Advisory,
    2) Hosting the CNE/CNO Governance & Leadership Knowledge Exchange,
    3) Developing, Implementing and Evaluating 
    the Nurse Executive Leader Toolkit, and
    4) Planning and Sponsoring the Nurse Executive Leadership Academy.
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    The Advisory Committee will provide advice and direction to the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) on matters related to the RNAO’s Chief Nursing Executive (CNE)/Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Governance and Leadership Program. Specifically, the Advisory Committee will provide a senior nurse executive perspective to the development and implementation of a Nurse Executive Leader Toolkit and the dissemination of the Toolkit and related resources through various means including a learning Academy.
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    The Knowledge Exchange is a Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) sponsored forum for the exchange of information amongst Chief Nursing Executives (CNEs) and Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) to strengthen the senior nurse executive contribution to the health care quality agenda at the Board and senior management table.
    The purpose of the Knowledge Exchange is to encourage open dialogue about senior nurse executive governance and leadership issues; share innovations, strategies, successes, and challenges; address key questions or concerns; provide feedback to participants; and to seek RNAO and group input into governance and leadership issues.
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    The overall goal of the first and subsequent Academy Events is to provide a dynamic, interactive learning experience to assist nurse executives in public health and hospital/acute care settings to enhance their governance and leadership skills. In addition, the Academy aims to facilitate and promote the key role of nursing in moving the quality agenda forward to achieving health and social justice outcomes for individuals, families, communities and society. 
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    These questions have been developed based on the input of Chief Nursing Executives and Chief Nursing Officers in Ontario in response to the passage of the Excellent Care for All Act (Bill 46). While they are largely focused on the implications to the Chief Nursing Executive role, we will post further questions in relation to both the Chief Nursing Executive and Chief Nursing Officer role as they arise.