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Quality Care: Governance

Governance - reflects an ultimate accountability for strategic decision making affecting the entire organization.
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    Quality of care contributes to patient safety and health outcomes and considers how well health care services are provided to patients. It addresses these questions:
    • Do these services measure up to health care evidence?
    • Are they patient-centred?
    • Do they produce desired health outcomes?
    • Do they contribute to patient safety?
    Outcomes of care are the direct results of the care patients receive. CIHI gathers, measures and analyzes health care data to support quality of care and health outcomes in Canada. We produce information products that help inform discussions from a systems perspective about how to improve quality of care and outcomes and enhance patient safety.
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    For more than a decade, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, or CFHI, has been dedicated to accelerating healthcare improvement in Canada.
    CFHI is a not-for-profit organization – funded by the Government of Canada –  with collaborations across the country that include partnerships with researchers, practice leaders and front-line clinical leaders. Since its inception in the late 1990s, they have established a pan-Canadian reach and built an international reputation.
    CFHI collaborates with decision-makers to tackle difficult questions about how to organize, finance, manage and deliver high-quality, affordable, patient- and family-centred healthcare for Canadians. They are confident that by working with partners they can reshape healthcare in Canada to improve its quality and results. That’s why they work at the nexus of health policy and delivery—the point where meaningful breakthroughs happen with direct benefits to patients.
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    The Dryden Regional Health Centre is on a "Quest for the Best": Because at DRHC, You Deserve the Best ! Their strategic plan provides the framework for their "Quest for the Best" and is supported by the organization mission, vision and values.

    The "Quest for the Best" focuses on implementing evidenced-based tactics and strategies to Hardwire Excellence witihin the organization. This is a journey that supports the organization'scommitment to excellence with a renewed focus on mission, vision and values.

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    The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), its Governance Centre of Excellence (GCE), and Health Quality Ontario (HQO) are pleased to present the Quality and Patient Safety Governance Toolkit, an online resource for hospital boards in Ontario. This unique resource is designed as a set of practical templates and tools organized into these five sections:  

    1.0 Quality of the Board and its Practice

    2.0 Measurement and Reporting

    3.0 Board-Management Working Relationships that Support Quality Improvement

    4.0 Empowering Patients and Families

    5.0 Ensuring Strong and Effective Relationships with Physicians and Clinical Leadership

    The templates combine new legislative requirements specific to Ontario hospital governance, with leading and emerging practices from Ontario and other jurisdictions. Organizations are encouraged to adapt and customize these templates to meet their unique needs. 

    While quality can be defined in a number of ways, for the purposes of this toolkit, quality is defined as “doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right person – and having the best possible results.” (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, supported by the OHA and HQO).


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    What are the social determinants of health? How might they be applied to our everyday lived experiences?

    Access to conditions that permit health is shaped by the circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work and age, and an array of political, economic, social, cultural and environmental conditions and forces.

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    Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI): Interpreting Indicator Results

    Health System Performance—Clinical Indicators

    1. Indicators: Effectiveness (Quality and Outcomes)
    2. Indicators: Patient Safety
    3. Indicators: Appropriateness & Accessibility
    Health System Characteristics—Financial Indicators 
    1. Indicators: Efficiency
    2. Indicators: Productivity


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    In April 2013, Ontario hospitals submitted their Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) for 2013/14, the third year of provincially mandated QIPs under the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), 2010. 
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    Hospital Quality Improvement Plans: Frequently Asked Questions
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    In April 2013, Ontario’s primary health care organizations submitted their Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) for 2013/14. An essential element of Ontario’s health care transformation agenda is the introduction of QIPs to the primary health care sector. This was the first year that Ontario’s primary care sector was required to submit QIPs, which were originally mandated for the hospital sector by the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), 2010. 
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    Primary Care Quality Improvement Plans: Frequently Asked Questions