Transforming nursing through knowledge

Collaboration: Leadership

Leadership - is a shared responsibility with other nursing leaders and reflects both current and future decision making related to strategic and operational issues.
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    Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) Presentation:
    Strategic Focus: Enable the rapid movement of research evidence into practice to improve quality 
    Task: Demonstration projects moving research evidence into practice in CAHO hospitals 
    •  Demonstrate the value of collaboration, creating building blocks of trust and accountability for future collaboration 
    •  Generate learnings as to how to speed the translation of evidence into practice 
    •  Create building blocks for future implementation of those learnings onto a system-wide provincial platform
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    Team-based primary care offers the potential to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of care, but its broader adoption is hindered by an education system that trains health professions in silos. Collaborative models that educate multiple practitioners together are needed to create a new generation of health professionals able to work in efficiently functioning teams. Changes in professional cultures, organizational structures, clinical partnerships, admissions, accreditation, and funding models will be required to support the expansion of collaborative education effectively.

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    This report reflects the concerted efforts of a diverse group of individuals who, over the past two years, directed their considerable time and energy to furthering interprofessional care. The document 
    contains key information about interprofessional care/education - promoting best practices of interprofessional care/education models and concepts - as well as tools to help with its implementation. It is hoped that this report will help lay the foundation for a culture of collaborative, patient-focused care in Ontario and prompt further discussion and initiatives designed to make interprofessional care the gold standard for care.